Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Short Healing Waters International video - Powerful Message

I have used this quote in a previous posting, and found that someone had incorporated it into a cool video for Healing Waters:

"Preach the gospel at all times, and when necessary use words." -St. Francis of Assisi

This really exemplifies the work that Healing Waters does. We set up most of our water projects in churches in developing countries. We then empower the church to run the water project. They use the tool of safe drinking water to affect physical, social and spiritual transformation in their communities, without saying a word. That is the most powerful way for the church to impact lives, by providing a basic need to the people. Check out the video:

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Lauren said...

Hey! Wow, thanks for featuring my video. It was actually one of many that I edited together when I worked for HWI up in Golden... I think it was the summer of 2006. It was a lot of fun, and I'm glad to see HWI doing so well. You have a great blog!